Thursday, March 22, 2007

Convicted sex offender, attempted murderer

Youth coach charged in player assault

Since December, David Harvey has been on the court, volunteering as a basketball coach for the Richmond Youth Sports League’s Timberwolves. Assisting his brother-in-law, who is the head coach of the team of boys ranging from 12-14 years old, Harvey showed the children a thing or two about the game, helped during practices and cheered them on as they scored for the team.

No one knew Harvey, 34, was a non-compliant sex offender.

No one knew he had served a prison term for attempted murder.

It wasn’t until a 14-year-old team member came home with a bruise after a night of ball practice that the child’s parents started asking questions.

“He choked him,” alleged Roy Peters, the juvenile’s father. “It happened in basketball practice at Mayfield Elementary. Something happened, he didn’t do something right and (the juvenile) threw the ball to him (Harvey). I guess the guy took it like he was throwing it at him and he grabbed him and choked him.”


D.P. said...

It sounds crazy, but thank goodness this guy lost his cool and lashed out at this kid. It led to him being "outed" before something REALLY terrible happened.

I've noticed, Leipar, that you are never at a loss for subject matter for this blog. Scary!

LieparDestin said...

No lack of subject matter at all. Considering I spend maybe just 30 minutes or so scanning the news, I know Im missing all kinds of stff.