Sunday, March 25, 2007

From Townhall...

Facilitating Student-Teacher Affairs

Maybe the death of an 18-year-old at the hand of a jealous husband will put an end to the rib-poking and television footage of bikini-clad teachers straddling motorcycles or gyrating in garter belts.

Maybe now that 18-year-old Sean Powell is dead, it won’t seem so cool to have had an affair with the hotty high school teacher.

Maybe now that we see the consequences of having the teacher transformed from an authority figure to a cool friend we may question current pedagogical methods.

But probably not, considering who runs our schools. As study after study has indicated, most educators do not emerge from the top tier of college graduates.

These administrators, curriculum devisers, and teacher trainers will continue in their schizophrenic way: by divesting teachers of the authority traditionally endowed to adults—especially those in the classroom—and at the same time being puzzled by student-teacher affairs.

Time was when the teacher was an authority figure, someone to be feared, not a pal, not anyone a teenager would choose to spend time with.

That was a time when parents were held in the same regard

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