Friday, March 23, 2007

'I jacked him up'

Father says principal assaulted his son

The principal of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg middle school is suspended with pay following allegations that he assaulted a student.

Russ Hosey says his son, Nathan, a student at McClintock Middle School, witnessed a fight Friday and was sent to go with Principal Andrew Thiel to tell him what happened. And as Thiel was addressing another class, Nathan saw friends in the classroom and began waving. That’s when he says it got ugly.

"He told the class to wait just one moment and simultaneously turned around and punched my child in the chest with his fist, sending my son stumbling backwards across the hallway," Hosey said.

Hosey says there were witnesses in the hallway and his son was gasping for breath. He says only after addressing another class did Thiel escort Nathan to the nurse's office.


Anonymous said...

Russ Hosey is lying and people can make their own judgement as to why. The principal, based on a suggestion from police, has taken and passed a lie detector test that indicates that he did not punch the child, but rather that he struck the child accidentally, with the back of his hand, as he turned to defend himself. BTW, the kid was flashing "Crip Killer" signs over the principal's shoulder.

Anonymous said...

McClintock Spanish teacher Lydia Ferguson anonymously called Channel 3 and accussed Thiel of "sending threatening emails."

If you watch the report in slow-motion, here's that that "threatening email" says:

"No matter what you hear or read about me and my suspension, please remember that it is your core duty to teach every child you come into contact with every day how to read, write, and do math. I will share with each and every one of you the truth about what happened when I return to school. Also, thank you to those of you who have called, written, and emailed me to wish me well and offer your support and prayers - it has not gone unnoticed."

Anonymous said...

And telling everyone you work with that you didn't call Channel 3 doesn't mean you are telling the truth. Thanks for finally admitting what you time to tell the whole truth...