Thursday, April 19, 2007

walked in on...

Teacher Allegedly Had Oral Sex With Girl At School

Eyewitness News broke the story of an Orange County teacher allegedly caught having sex with a student at school. Thursday, disturbing new details were uncovered as well as details on the punishment the teacher and the student now face.

Eyewitness News learned it was all happening during school hours. The teacher involved has now resigned, after investigators said she was caught in the classroom.

In Allison Reopel's resignation letter, she doesn't admit to doing anything wrong but said she no longer wanted to work for Orange County. The 25-year-old taught social studies for two years at Oak Ridge High School, but not anymore.

The former soccer and softball coach is accused of the unthinkable, having sex with a female student on campus during school hours.

"It's sickening," said Tito Velasquez.

Velasquez's son goes to Oak Ridge. He's friends with the 18-year-old student involved and his father wants her expelled.

"I don't want her around my son. From my understanding, she is bragging about it. She is enjoying the attention this is getting," Velasquez said.

Orange County Schools aren't enjoying the attention at all

"It's the ultimate violation of trust," said Frank Kruppenbacher, the school district's attorney. "Consensual or not, it is an offense that scars everybody that cares about kids."

A computer tech said they walked in on Reopel and the female student having sex last Thursday. Reopel was suspended the next day and resigned a week later.

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