Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can't Make This Stuff Up

Teacher accused of selling student's coat on eBay

A first grade teacher in Hillsboro is accused of trying to sell a student's coat on eBay.

Elizabeth Logan, 42, is facing theft and felony computer crime charges and is on paid administrative leave from Jackson Elementary.

The teacher was arrested Feb. 6 after the mother of a third-grader at the school complained to school officials and Hillsboro police. The mother said she went shopping for a replacement jacket on eBay after her daughter's Columbia Sportswear jacket disappeared and did not show up in the school's lost and found.

The mother found the missing coat on Ebay, and authorities connected Logan to the sale on the online auction site.


Anonymous said...

If you think this 'stuff' cannot be made up, then you live in a very sheltered world. It is interesting that everyone is so quick to judge and believe that the teacher did this, all based on an 8 year old girl who knew she would be in a lot of trouble if she lost her coat.

If this was so believable, why did a Columbia Sportswear representative show up at this girls' school with a bag, most likely enclosing a jacket. This family lives in an afluent neighborhood and this was not necessary. Perhaps they felt this media frenzy was ridiculous over a coat.

Do you really believe the parent is telling the entire truth? Seems to me her story changes with every interview that she shields her identity from. She had no problem exposing this story to expose the school and the children that go there to a media frenzy. Like an 8 year old child would not make up a story in order to avoid punishment from her mother who warned her.

And where was the name in the jacket? The family could not have been that worried about it. All over a coat in a school district who covered up the embezzlement of tens of thousands of dollars of a principal whose punishment was to be transferred to the school district's administrative office. But I don't suppose we hold our principals to any high standard at all.

Don't be so quick to judge what no one knows to be the facts, and what is only told by the police and the family whose source is an 8 year old girl. Now there is justice; guilty before proven innocent. You have to love the American justice system!

LieparDestin said...

I meant the story in general, regardless of anyones guilt or innocent. I spend very little time putting up content on this site and am usually in a hurry when I do, thus I dont devote much thought behind the story titles so I wouldnt take any of them too seriouesly