Sunday, May 13, 2007


A New Jersey Health and Physical Education high school teacher was arrested Friday on charges of first degree aggravated sexual assault of a minor. 28-Year old Erica Umosella is accused of having a consensual sexual affair with a 17- year old female student. Umosella was released on $50,000 bail Wednesday night.

Although the teacher and student may have allegedly considered the sex consensual, the law does not allow for sexual consent between a teacher and minor student.

A Coach and Teacher
Ms. Umosella was a teacher and coach of the seventeen-year old girl in question at the Kingsway Regional High School in Glassboro, New Jersey. According to police, the alleged victim is a senior at the high school, and is a member of the field hockey team that Ms. Umosella coached. Ms. Umosella was suspended from teaching and coaching this past Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I go to Kingsway, and it's in Woolwich Township, not Glassboro.

Kay Thanks. :)
& she was a pretty nice teacher, now I know why she favored her female students.

Anonymous said...

the minor girl was a junior. soon to be senior