Thursday, June 7, 2007

Let's drive to my house. :)

Chicagoland driver's ed teacher George Langlotz is accused of taking a 17 year old female student for a ride ... back to his place. According to investigators, Langlotz was tutoring the student, and took her back to his house. Reports do not specify the subject of the tutoring, but it has resulted in his being charged with a felony. Details here.


Trench said...

Sweet Jesus he looks like Colonel Klink.

Jane Doe said...

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Please email me!
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Anonymous said...

I personally knew George in HS, he was my pe coach and athletic director at St Laurence in Burbaank,il. he was a greatt guy. Hope he isnt judged until the facts come out

Anonymous said...

that was my teacher, ew =/