Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oxy Peddler

Local HS Teacher Accused Of Selling Drugs

State police arrested a Washington County high school teacher for allegedly selling drugs in the parking lot of local fast food restaurant.

Bethlehem-Center High School teacher Shawn Bellicini, 32, of Fallowfield Township, is accused of selling more than $600 worth of the powerful painkiller oxycontin to an undercover informant yesterday afternoon in a Burger King parking lot in Bentleyville.

According to state police, Bellicini sold 10 of the pills to an informant for $620 while a trooper watched the entire transaction.


Nick Kasoff said...

10 pills for $62? Just another example of pharmaceutical companies exploiting Americans without health insurance!

LieparDestin said...

Certain strengths of oxy can go for 100 bucks a bill or more. Insanity