Friday, June 29, 2007

The Pizza Money Bandit

Ex-KHS principal arrested

Police arrested yesterday former Kagman High School principal Doreen Tudela for allegedly stealing the school's sale of pizzas worth over $36,000.

Assistant attorney general Mike Nisperos said police served the arrest warrant on Tudela late afternoon yesterday.

Nisperos said Tudela was charged with grand theft in excess of $20,000, an offense that makes the defendant eligible for 10 years in prison.

The Superior Court imposed a $10,000 cash bail for the defendant's temporary liberty. A bail hearing is expected to be held today.

Tudela is currently the Public School System curriculum and instructions officer.

Nisperos said that whenever Pizza Hut wants to sell pizzas on campus at Kagman High School, the establishment has to pay for that privilege. Pizza Hut usually pays about $2,500 to $3,000 a month and the money goes into a fund for student activities.

Nisperos said Tudela, as then principal of Kagman High School, created the bank account and deposited the money there. She then allegedly withdrew the money for her own use.

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Anonymous said...

Doreen will be found innocent. These payments represent proper reimburesements. The school system in Saipan does not have very good accounting procedures. Don't be surprised if Doreen comes after you and closes down your website for posting this nonsense.