Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dopey Teacher Raises Bigger Issue

Teacher Arrested On Drug Charges Spurs Testing Talk

A Mililani Middle School teacher who pleaded no contest to drug possession remains on paid administrative leave while school officials conduct an internal investigation.

The above mentioned teacher was one Lisa Luhrsen, plead guilty, accepted treatment and paid her fine. Her case has prompted talks of mandatory drug testing for teachers which many oppose. No really, it says it right here:

"I'm glad that the teacher is taking responsibility for her actions. That is a very positive sign," said Sen. Clayton Hee.

Hee said he supports a bill requiring drug testing for state teachers, but many teachers oppose mandatory testing.

Now maybe Hee is talking out his arse, or I'm missing something, but why exactly would teachers oppose mandatory drug testing? Ive had to take a drug test to be a janitor, whats the big deal?

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