Saturday, March 10, 2007

Explicit Sex Lessons

Parents say teacher's sex lesson was too explicit

A health teacher [7-year-old teacher, Scott Groff] made 8th graders read aloud explicit questions about oral sex and masturbation during a sex-education lesson at a suburban school this week, outraging parents who demanded the teacher be disciplined.

Apparently it wasn't just parents being uptight like they can be sometimes:

My daughter brought it to our attention because she was disgusted with it,” said Grady Braley, father of a Wolcott 14-year-old. “There’s certain things at her age they need to know. But this was a how-to manual.”


Jonathan Stacks, campaign manager for Illinois Campaign for Responsible Sex Education, gasped when he heard the details of the “frequently asked questions” read aloud in the 8th grade class.

“This is really getting into the aspect of pleasure . . . and the mechanics of how to have good sex,”

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