Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nathan E Cox

Middle School Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault of 13-Year-Old Girl

A Barron County middle school teacher is charged with sexually assaulting a teenager.

Thirty-eight-year-old Nathan E. Cox faces one felony count of second-degree sexual assault of a child.

Prosecutors say the sexual contact happened in Barron County last summer.

And the Barron County Sheriff says his department is treating the case as a priority.

Parents with children in the Prairie Farm School District got letters letting them know a teacher was in trouble.

The district's administrator says Nathan E. Cox teaches math to students in grades five through nine.

He also coaches middle school track and wrestlers of all ages.


Anonymous said...

Honestly everyone knows he was in the wrong and was the adult in this situation and that he shouldn't have let it happen.. but shouldn't a freshmen in high school know what is going on, I mean seriously you can't blame it all on him and even though she is a minor do you know how many children younger then her are having sex and nothing gets said about it.

They never even had sex and I believe that she is just as much responsible as he is or atleast very close to it.

He was one of the BEST teachers that P.F. had and now he's gone because a girl that happend to be under the age of 18 consented in what they did. If she wouldn't have consented would he have did anything, I strongly believe that he wouldn't have.

Now let alone that he'll never be able to teach again because of this "mother like daughter" girl he will probably never get to spend time alone with his three children that he loves so much.

I'm not saying that he was in the right, all I'm saying is that it's not all his fault and that a girl that is a freshmen should sure as hell know better, I mean it's not like they just kissed once, it's been going on for almost a year!!!


LieparDestin said...

While I appreciate your taking the time to comment I disagree with what you say. I dont have time to do a lengthy reply but basically its summed up in youre saying that it happened all year, it wasnt just like one kiss. The first kiss he should have known it was wrong and if he had stopped then maybe I could see some kind of leeway... maybe. But if it was going on all year, he had plenty of opportunity to stop. Id think going home to those 3 kids he loves so much would be reason enough....

And the fact that he is a coach of students of 'all ages' is pretty scary

Chelsea said...

As a victim of rape at the age of 13, I am outraged and mortified that Anonymous can try to justify this molester's action with things like "younger kids have sex all the time and nothing is said." Nothing is said because an ADULT MAN wasn't having sex with them, touching them, forcing them to do anything, or watching them. This girl may be a freshman and may have a mother of questionable morals but that does not mean she shouldn't be protected. And if she did know what she was doing, then as the adult Nathan Cox should have said NO! If he loves his kids so much maybe he should think about them before he fools around with a kid. In my case, at the age of 13, I was innocent and a virgin. My innocence was stripped from me by a manipulative predator, who told me that I deserved what I was getting and that no one would think otherwise and I believed him. Mr. Cox may not have been so vile but what he did was still wrong and against the law. You should stop trying to blame it on a child or her mother, and except the fact that he still made a decision to interact with that girl and now he should pay for it.

Anonymous said...

that's bs!! she never said no!! she never tried to stop him!! she should be punished right along with him!!im not on either sides but its pretty pathetic when people don't know the whole story and try to comment on it!!