Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grown Women Dressed as Children

Principal Accused Of Having Porn On Laptop Avoids Ax

NBC5's Marion Brooks reported that the Bellwood School District 88 board voted 4-3 to not follow Superintendent Nichelle Rivers' recommendation that McKinley Elementary School principal Paul Glover be fired. Glover has been suspended with pay, Brooks reported.

Rivers said she had no intention of allowing Glover back into the district.

"I have to keep doing what I know is right, and keep making the recommendations to the board that I believe are right," Rivers said.

District officials in suburban Bellwood claim to have found pornography on the laptop. Officials said Glover was warned and reprimanded in November when the superintendent did a random sweep of school-issued computers, which are to be used for school business only. Instead, they said, he added more.

"He was warned in November about the photos," said school board member Antoinette Davis. "He then doubled, tripled the photos in March."

Glover is accused of having inappropriate pictures of grown women dressed as children on the laptop. Glover was suspended without pay on March 6.

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