Saturday, March 10, 2007

Teacher Prompts School Lock-Down

This doesnt happen everyday...

Angry about a disciplinary action, Sacred Heart High School math teacher James Kennedy tossed books and furniture around a faculty lounge before quitting in a fit of rage, police said.

Authorities say Kennedy, 29, then fired off a torrent of threatening e-mails to a fellow teacher and three female students, prompting a lock-down of the school and his own arrest on Thursday afternoon.

‘‘You’re going down, b---,’’ he wrote to a female colleague in one of the e-mails that a prosecutor read aloud Friday in Plymouth District Court. ‘‘You f--- with the wrong person. You’re f--- going down, you zero. I’m going to make your life a nightmare.’’

Kennedy was charged with threatening to bomb or hijack a school, causing serious public alarm.

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Soobs said...

Nice anger control from the teacher.