Monday, April 23, 2007

Jenine Saville-King

Seeing as this story is drawing me massive amounts of traffic, heres an update:

Teacher made 'impact', court told

A teacher accused of having an affair with a pupil made "quite an impact" when she began work at the school, St Albans Crown Court has heard.
Jenine Saville-King was described as being "new and young" and could be approached on a friendly basis.

The comments were made by the deputy head teacher of the pupil's school.

Mrs Saville-King, 29, formerly of St Albans, Hertfordshire, but now living in Hampshire, denies sexual activity with the boy when he was 15 in 2004.

The deputy head teacher told St Albans Crown Court how he carried out an investigation into the relationship between Mrs Saville-King and the teenager.

'Enough evidence'

Giving evidence on Monday, he said that during the course of the investigation, he twice interviewed Mrs Saville-King along with a pupil, who had allegedly found a photograph of Mrs Saville-King and the boy.

He said he never interviewed the boy himself and told the jury "I felt I had enough evidence to draw the conclusions I needed to."

The deputy head then told the court how, as part of his investigation, he interviewed Mrs Saville-King on 15 September 2005.

He said she told him how, in her early dealings with the boy, he would approach her often with his girlfriend, who was also a pupil at the school.

'Shocked at arrival'

"I think what happened was that the boy began to approach her more as an individual and not include his girlfriend," he said.

The deputy head said Mrs Saville-King then told him how, on 18 August 2005, not long after she had given birth to her first child, the boy turned up at her home in St Albans, having been to the school earlier to collect his GCSE exam results.

"She was very surprised and shocked at his arrival.

"He then wanted to show her a new phone which took pictures and he asked her to pose for a picture with him."

The case continues.

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