Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Want His Lawyer

Mililani Teacher Pleads No Contest in Drug Case

An Oahu public school teacher gives up his court fight in a drug case. Flanked by supporters, Benjamin Ayson went before a Wahiawa district judge Thursday and pleaded no contest to promoting a detrimental drug.

Ayson is a teacher at Mililani Middle School. Prosecutors say he and another teacher were seen in a car off campus smoking marijuana on December 4th.

After the plea, the judge granted Ayson a deferral. That means he can wipe his record clean if he stays out of trouble for six months.

"He has a cousin who borrowed his truck to go to the Oregon-UH game, left a pipe that apparently had some marijuana residue in it in his truck," David Gierlach, defense attorney, said. "And he knew it was there that morning. He retrieved it for the teachers, and that is what causes a technical violation of the law."

Ayson remains on paid leave.

His co-defendant, Lisa Luhrsen, pleaded no contest and was granted a deferral last month.

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