Saturday, April 21, 2007

Showing a little too much pompom?

Thx to Trench for the link:

Parents Not Cheering Over Pom Coach's Photos

A Waukegan High School pompon coach is under fire for posting what some parents consider lewd photos of herself on

Natosha Shaw, 25, an aspiring dancer and model, was hired last fall to lead Waukegan High School's 28 pom dancers. Team parents and students hope to pressure school administrators to fire Shaw.

Rachel Albarran was critical of the photos and other entries on Shaw's MySpace site.

"They're indecent," Albarran said. "When you're a coach, you become a role model and you're setting an example. She should know the kids are all over the Internet. It's embarrassing."

The photos showing Shaw posing in scanty outfits are just one of a barrage of complaints from parents who insist Shaw is inexperienced, incompetent and immature.

"It was like she was sitting back doing nothing but collecting a paycheck," Albarran said. "The captain of the varsity team ran the practices while she sat in high-heeled shoes."

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