Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not a good idea....

Suburban Vancouver drama teacher has pupils re-enact Virginia Tech massacre

A drama teacher at a suburban Vancouver elementary school is expressing regret for having her students re-enact the Virginia Tech massacre.

The principal at South Park elementary school in Delta says the teacher has used topical news events as the basis for her plays in the past.

But this time Doug Thomson agrees with some students and parents who say she went too far.

The Grade 6 and Grade 7 students were asked to play roles from Monday's massacre in which a mentally ill student gunned down 32 students and teachers at the U.S. college before killing himself.

Thomson says one group of three boys depicted a shooting.

A young Korean girl was apparently most upset. The Virginia Tech shooter was Korean-American.

Thomson says the teacher has been advised she made a huge error in judgment and has expressed remorse.

"This was a completely inappropriate lesson for this particular group of children," the principal said Friday.

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