Saturday, May 19, 2007

Didja hear the one about the 3 Teachers And A Minister Who Walk Into A Park....

Three teachers, minister arrested after park sex sting

Three teachers and a minister were arrested last weekend for allegedly having sex in a public park, authorities said.

he men were identified as Harry Nelson, 57, a teacher at Parrish Middle School in Salem; Ronald Bridge, 53, an elementary school teacher at Sunset Primary School in West Linn and John Backus, a professor at Western Oregon University.

One of the other suspects is listed in the Salem phone book as Reverend Steven Adams.

Four additional men -- some of them registered sex offenders -- were arrested during a two-day sting operation at Holman Wayside Park, said Polk County Sheriff Robert Wolfe.

Reverand Steven Adams

"This is a result of mostly public indecency and deviant sexual acts" which happened in broad daylight on park trails, Wolfe said. He added that the acts took place between consenting adults. ,


Anonymous said...

I know Pastor Steve. He was the Pastor of the church I grew up in. More recently he was the Pastor of Westgate Assembly of God. He was stripped of his Ordination a couple of months ago for pornography related issues. This is terrible, he was a good Pastor. This shows the power and evil of pornography and hidden sins. He has a son who is graduating and a daughter getting married this summer. What a blow to them. Keep them in prayer.

Anonymous said...

the problem is not in the pornography.
the problem is the desguise in which he fooled so many people.
fuck the paedophiles,castrate them.
and the priests, whom we were teached to see as saints, castrate them and lock them forever
this is the great shame, priests...
they are the worst, hidden in sheep's clothes