Friday, May 4, 2007

Former Teacher Of The Year

Former Teacher of the Year Could Get Prison Time

A former teacher of the year is looking at prison time. Fifty-one year old James Meunier plead guilty to multiple sex-related charges involving a 15-year old student. Meunier taught at Highland Springs High School where he began a consensual relationship with a student. The affair and his career ended when the girl's mother discovered their relationship by reading email. Meunier could spend 25 years in prison when he's sentenced August seventh. Ironically, that's how long he taught Earth Science at Highland Springs High

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mex (aka Syb) said...

Search the or e-mail me if you can't find the name of teacher (I forgot)... If you need a teacher behaving badly (current) story

Search under hilton head high school and
band teacher.. there have been a series of front page stories, all interesting.. am glad to have found this blog.. via steve huff and cronies.. will be back