Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Jenine Saville-King Cleared

Teacher cleared of sex with pupil

A teacher broke down in tears after being cleared of having an affair with her 15-year-old pupil.
Jenine Saville-King, 29, was accused of having a relationship with the boy who was her pupil at a school in Watford.

Married Mrs Saville-King from Hook in Hampshire, had denied sexual activity with a child, then aged 15, and had also denied abuse of trust.

She wept as the jury at St Albans Crown Court on Wednesday delivered not guilty verdicts.

It had been alleged that Mrs Saville-King began an affair with the boy in 2004 and that they had sex after his 16th birthday.

Giving evidence Mrs Saville-King said she had never had sex with him although she admitted sending him e-mails in which she said she loved and missed him.

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