Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big Fish

This one has the internet abuz more than the usual for some reason. No picture but Im looking...

KHS teacher suspended over sex allegations

A popular Kearny High School English teacher has been suspended with pay, after school officials say a student told them he had some sort of sexual encounter with the teacher, Superintendent of Schools Robert Mooney said.

Celeste Adamski, 27 — whose maiden name is Passos — has taught at the high school for three years, but won’t get to see the school year out after the allegations prompted her immediate suspension. Mooney says the suspension in no way reflects assumption of guilt, but allows for school and police officials to properly investigate the matter without interference.

“We wouldn’t suspend unless there was a confirmed allegation,” Mooney said. “And in this case, there was.”

Because there is an ongoing investigation, Mooney could only say that the allegation was made by a student at Kearny High School, and that the allegation is “serious” in nature.

Rumors apparently began circulating at Kearny High School early last week about Mrs. Adamski’s possible downfall, according to a student at Kearny High, who like most students interviewed for this story, asked not to be identified by name.

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