Friday, June 15, 2007

Cash Instead of Detention

Teacher accused of taking payoffs from students

A public school teacher has been suspended with pay while Hartford school officials investigate allegations that she took cash to excuse students from detention.

School officials have not released the name of the teacher who works at Quirk Middle School. She was placed on a paid leave of absence after the school district received complaints from parents.

"The district is taking these charges seriously and is currently conducting an investigation into the matter," Terry D'Italia, a school system spokesman said Thursday.

One parent who made a complaint said that the teacher took $30 or $40 from her son.


Trench said...

What do teachers have to do to get suspended without pay?

LieparDestin said...

Be anti-war. or tolerant of homsexuality. I run across the stories all the time. Alot of them are in charge of the school paper and allow a student to publish something anti-war or promoting gay rights.