Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Former teacher marries teen student

A 40-year-old high school science teacher and cross country coach has resigned his position and married a 16-year-old student.

Brenton Wuchae coached Windy Hager at South Brunswick High School, where she recently completed her sophomore year as one of the school's top runners. He also lives less than two miles away from the Hagers' home on Oak Island.

Wuchae married Hager in Brunswick County on Monday, according to a marriage license.

Hager's parents, Dennis and Betty Hager, said they did all they could to keep the couple apart after noticing a deeper-than-usual friendship forming between them. The parents said they tried to intervene by talking to the coach, going to school officials, pleading with police and sheriff's office detectives, even other teachers and students at South Brunswick.

But the Hagers say they reluctantly signed a consent form allowing their daughter to marry her coach.


Anonymous said...

If I were her parents, I'd have gotten a restraining order on that "coach" and had him tossed in jail. For sure, the school should have fired him.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, other reports have said they attempted to get a restraining order and get him fired, but the school felt it wasn't there problem since the relationship developed outside school - HUH???? - He is an employee and met her through his job there. They also said law enforcement would do nothing. I say he should have been thrown in jail!